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Digital Downloads

  • Why buy a downloadable book? Well ... you can have it now (or as soon as your payment goes through), anywhere in the world, whatever the time of day. There are no postage charges. And you can print out as many copies of each page as you like, so our activity books are perfect for teachers, parents, groups, parties...
  • How can I pay? You can purchase Activity Village premium products with your credit or debit card, or your Paypal account.
  • Format: All digital downloads are in pdf format. Larger products are zipped for easier delivery. You will need Acrobat Reader (free) or similar software to open and print our products.
  • What about downloading? Once your purchase is approved, you will be taken to a secure page containing the link to download your purchases (and you will receive a back-up email with download details too, just in case). Remember to save your zip or pdf files to a safe place on your computer (File - Save As).  
  • How do I open a zip file? Most browsers will ask you where to save the file. For smartphones or tablets, please see "Can I download... from my phone or tablet?" below before attempting to download a zip. A zip file is a compressed document that contains several files. Once you double-click on this file, your computer will "de-compress" the zip and you will have a new folder that contains your pattern files.
  • Can I download and print a file from my iPad or iPhone (or other phone or tablet)? We recommend using a regular computer or laptop to safely download and store your purchases. iPads, iPhones and other tablets and smartphones are different from computers and do not have built in zip utilities or file storage systems like computers. Unfortunately, we can't support downloading products onto mobile devices because of these limitations. Please don't try unless you really know what you are doing and have the necessary software! Our delivery provider does offer a "download to Dropbox" button, but downloading straight to Dropbox from your mobile device can be time-consuming and once gain we suggest you don't try it unless you know what you are doing. 
  • Nothing happens when I click my download link - what now? If you are using a mobile device and click your download link but nothing happens (or you get an error), do not keep clicking on the link! You will use up your download attempts.
  • I'm having trouble printing... All browsers are created differently and some of them will not display or print an entire pdf. Older versions of Internet Explorer are notorious for this. Once you have saved the pdf to your computer, open and print it using a separate pdf reader, and NOT your browser. We recommend Adobe Reader, which is free and can be downloaded from www.Adobe.com. For more on printing problems, please read this page.
  • Shipping:  Please note that our products are downloadable only


    All Activity Village products, whether free or paid, downloadable or "real", are for personal, classroom or library use only. You may not profit from (sell) our resources in any way, or share them from your own website or on a file-sharing website or service.

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