Sudoku for Kids

£ 3.95

(Subject to VAT, if applicable)

120 Graded Sudoku Puzzles Made Specially for Children!

  • 20 "easiest" puzzles using a 4 x 4 grid for beginners
  • 20 "easy" puzzles using a 6 x 6 grid for improvers
  • 40 "standard" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
  • 15 "tricky" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
  • 15 "very tricky" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
  • 10 "Sudoku Extra" puzzles, which include a secret hidden code word for children to discover

The puzzles are designed with kids in mind and use fun graphics which children will enjoy. Our puzzles are perfect for the classroom, because of course you can print out each page / photocopy each page as many times as you want.

NB: Sudoku for Kids is June's surprise freebie for Members of Activity Village. If you are considering buying it, why not join up instead and get it free? We would love to have you on board!

Please note:

  • This is a digital download.
  • You will receive a link to download your 90-page pdf file as soon as your payment goes through.
  • You will need a pdf reader (such as Acrobat Reader) to open and print the file.
  • We ask that teachers buy one copy per classroom, rather than sharing with colleagues. 

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